Friday, August 12, 2011


My book, Patchwork Promises, became available to buy on Amazon today. It was a very exciting day! I can't wait to get a copy!!! I'm also a little nervous. What if people hate it! But then I have to remember that it is a piece of fiction that I'm hoping will help in some way to depict the character of God. I prayed a lot as I was writing it. And even if many people dislike it, who knows but that someone somewhere will get something more out of it. God has the power to use anything, even possibly poorly written fiction to influence lives and bring others to Him. I am in His hands. The things I do are in His hands. It does not matter what others think. Only what God thinks. In the meantime I will try not to worry what anyone else thinks... unless they like it... that's another story. :)


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