Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Let's Help

I was 16, kneeling on the floor of an old, smelly trailer house, sobbing my heart out. My 17 year old brother knelt next to me, awkwardly smoothing my hair, trying to comfort me when he was as devastated as I was. This was our new home. Ours, just the two of us. We were alone in the world. Unwanted. Unloved. Cast away. We had no where else to go. No one else to turn to. Just this old, abandoned trailer house. And it felt like no one in the world cared or was willing to lift a finger to help us.

But, we did have a place to live. That is more than 150 teens each year in the Walla Walla Valley can say. Couch-hopping from home to home, friend to friend, living wherever they can find a place to sleep for the night. Those who are not so lucky find a place under the underpasses. They are cold. They are hungry. They are feeling unwanted. Unloved. Cast away. You may not be able to do much, but there is a backpack program through Lincoln School that provides these kids with warm clothing and food. They are still homeless, but every can of soup they are given to eat, every pair of mittens they are given to wear assures them that someone out there somewhere cares. You can be that someone.

If you would like to get involved, the program is specifically needing:
  • Mittens/gloves (even the thin cotton ones help)
  • Hoodies (sweatshirts with hoods)
  • On the go food, such as:-Beef jerky-Breakfast bars-Cup o noodles (they can often find a place to heat the water)-Soup in a can or pop-top soups (they don’t have can openers)

You can donate these items at St. Mary Medical Center or let me know you have a donation—you can drop it by my house or I can pick it up from you.

Thanks for helping me help these kids to know that we care!


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