Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's in the Bible? DVD's

What's in the Bible? is an excellent new series by Phil Vischer. I'm a huge fan of Veggie Tales. I will say this series is not quite as entertaining as Veggie Tales, but it makes up for it in depth and educational value. The first dvd is broken up into two segments, each about 25 minutes long. The first segment uses puppets, music, and some comic relief to explain what the Bible is, who wrote it, why it's important, how the books of the Bible are organized, why there are different numbers of books in different Bibles (Catholic has 77, Protestant has 66), and clearly explains everything about the Bible in terminology that young children can understand. The second segment explains the Table of contents, why some Christians believe the earth was created in 7 literal days and some believe it was created over millions of years, and briefly covers the first 11 chapters of Genesis while making it relevant to kids (and adults) today. I really like the last song "Who do you trust? Who do you listen to? How are you going to live your life? This is a choice we've gotta wrestle through, every girl and boy and man and wife."


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