Monday, June 25, 2012

Baby Shower Luau

I threw this Ladies Only Baby Shower Luau for my good friend, Rachel Drake. My friends Sara Peterson and Cathi Noel helped with the decorating and made everything (especially the waterfall!!!) look amazing.

I'll start with the waterfall because it was my favorite part and looked FANTASTIC!!!

Here is a picture of the waterfall after dark.

Sara painted the rocks on a bookshelf cardboard box. We used my trampoline and attached the rocks first with zip ties. From the top, we clipped a blue sheet for the background water and the purple sheets to the sides. We needed something to help it lay right and I had a crib lying around (drop-down, so thrift shops won't take it!), so we used two of the sides of the crib and attached one to the top part of the trampoline and the second from the ground to the trampoline. We added blue and white lights from the top of the trampoline and then covered it with white curtains with blue curtains on top (these were a tulle fabric we got from Ikea). We strung ivy and flower garlands from the sides and some home-made vines from the top of the waterfall. The vines were ropes that I covered with brown, green, and lime colored crepe paper. My son has a static noise thing in his room with a waterfall setting, so I borrowed that from him to add the sound of a waterfall.

Here is a picture of the whole yard.

There is a stump in the middle of my yard that we were afraid people would trip on, so we made this tree to set next to it. The base is a punching bag covered by packing paper. We tied the leaves on with twine. The leaves are from Ikea. The pineapples are from Oriental Trading Company. We were planning to use a brown sharpie to draw some added texture to the trunk, but ran out of time.

There's not much greenery in my yard, so I made some palm trees for some of my fence posts. I used packing paper for the trunks and stapled them to the fence posts and I used green felt for the leaves. They didn't hang right at first, so I added a large piece of construction paper under each felt leaf and hot glued a wire running down the center between the two leaves.

Gift table--I loved how my diaper cake turned out! The flower is made from tissue paper and a pipe cleaner. I made several flowers and put them along the fence between the homemade palm trees.

Near the gift table, we added a clothes line with summer baby clothes.

Food table
We decided to use two tables, one for the food and the second in the back for the blenders we (I should say Cathi, since she is the one who made them!) were using to make non-alcoholic pina coladas and strawberry daiqueries. We also used this back table for the stereo for the music.

The luau was an optional potluck and several ladies chose to bring food. My menu was fresh fruit, Hawaiian bread (made by Cathi), veggie shish kabobs, and a hotdog/pineapple/sweet and sour sauce dish. Other ladies brought mango bread, banana bread, and veggie spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce. I was planning to make a banana cream pie and fruit pizzas for dessert, but I ran out of time so we didn't end up with any dessert other than the sweet breads.

Pineapple tree--The base is two pineapples held together by bamboo skewers. Cathi snagged some fern leaves from her mom for the top of the tree. A larger tree would look even cooler, but I liked this size.

Shish Kabobs were made using red and green peppers, onions, pineapple, tomatoes, and two vegetarian meats (Fri Chik and Tenderbits) with a lemon and herb sauce.

We used blue tablecloths, fish nets, and lanterns from Target to decorate two of the tables. Here is a picture of one of the place settings.

For the third table, we used a brown tablecloth, sea shells, and a Partylite sandcastle.

We used white chair covers with orange or green sashes from and tied on flowers I had found at the dollar store.

Pampering Table
Cathi and I made this tiki hut for a previous event using pvc pipe that we painted brown. The top is two bamboo mats. The background surf boards were made using cardboard and paint. The surf shack sign was made by another friend of mine using cardboard and paint.

We had containers and warm water for the foot scrubs. Cathi made sugar scrubs using safflour oil, sugar, and orange scented essential oil. We also set up the paraffin bath so ladies could dip their hands in hot wax. Here is a cute picture of one of the little ones playing in the foot bath water.


  1. The waterfall created with tulle fabric is amazing. Your artistic ability will be much appreciated. The food seems yummy too.