Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Prophet (Book of the Infinite)

I am a reviewer for Bethany House, which means they send me free books that I read and post reviews on Amazon and on my blog. This review is for the book Prophet (Book of the infinite) by R.J. Larson.

This book had a bit of a hard time holding my attention all the way through, but I enjoyed it. I liked how it showed that the lives of prophets are not easy, but when God has chosen you and you love him that much, you will be willing to endure anything for him. On her own, the main character was no one special, but when she allowed God to lead her life, she made a huge impact for him. I loved how God talked to Ela. It seamed accurate--the way he sometimes answered her questions and sometimes remained silent, but was always there when she needed him. I also enjoyed the humor the author attributed to God. I think he has a great sense of humor and it was neat to see that come through in the book. The ending was definitely believable, but seemed really sad to me. In choosing to follow God, Ela has to give up her own hopes and dreams. A few things didn't really make sense to me in the story, like the presence/purpose of the younger sister or the group of horses, but overall, it was a good read.

This book was provided to me by Bethany House for review. All comments are my own.

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