Thursday, May 16, 2013

DIY Sandbox

We have a very small patio area, so my mom and I made them a sand box. My husband requested that it be lined and that the sand only fill half of the box. So we bought two 2 x 12 boards and had Home Depot cut them in half. I'd recommend looking more closely at the boards before purchasing them than we did since our boards were a little warped and the corners didn't fit together well, but it works. We used 3" screws, pre-drilled, and then screwed 2 in each corner to hold it together. We then took an old tarp that I had lying around, cut it to the right size for inside the sandbox, and stapled it to the wood. To help keep the sand inside the box and to prevent children from pulling the top of the tarp, we then used 1 x 4 boards and screwed them to the top of the frame to create a lip. The box is very sturdy, a perfect size, and looks great! We will be adding 4 more pieces to the corners for little corner seats once we get them cut.

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