Friday, May 24, 2013

Noble Groom Review

I received this book free from Bethany House to review. The content of this review is my own.

At the beginning of the book, Annalisa is going to confront her husband about stealing money from her jar to pay off the property in order to support his gambling habit, but she is worried about how he will respond. She doesn't think it will help to say anything, but she is willing to risk it to provide for her daughter. In her culture, women and girls are worth about as much as cattle and she knows very few women who are treated well or who actually like their spouses. When she finds her husband dead, culture being what it is, she is at the mercy of her father. While her father does love her, for a girl, he doesn't take into account what she wants, only that she needs a new husband and he writes his brother requesting a man come to marry Annalisa. Annalisa meekly accepts her fate and is willing to be obedient and marry a complete stranger.

Enter Carl, who has narrowly escaped an execution for a crime he didn't commit. His servant sends him to his brother, not as the requested groom, but as someone who needs a place to stay for a bit. Carl agrees to help Annalisa with her planting and her farm until her groom arrives. As a nobleman, he is not used to hard labor and helping Annalisa makes him re-evaluate his father's beliefs of nobility, and he works hard to help Annalisa even though he is inept at the beginning.

Carl is nothing like anyone Annalisa has ever met before. He is kind, whimsical, laughs, and plays with her daughter. Annalisa begins to re-think a daughter's role and to become her own woman with thoughts and desires of her own.

I really enjoyed seeing the growth in both characters and the story was very well written. I especially liked that Annalisa finds her backbone even though culture dictates that she accept whatever she is told to do. This was a very enjoyable book!

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