Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Finding Nemo Under the Sea Swim Party

We recently moved into a house with a large pool in the backyard and not much other outdoor space. This changes the way I do parties as all future parties will need to be pool parties! This Finding Nemo Under the Sea Birthday Party was for my 4 year old.

To start, the kids entered the side gate through a "water" arch. I used a standard garden arch and added differently colored blue streamers on one side and knotted blue chair sashes I had from a different party to the other side. I also added some hanging paper fish. I used blue sheer curtains from Ikea on the top of the arch along with some white tulle.

I didn't get a good picture, but the food was displayed on a "Tiki Hut" Table. We made the tiki hut using pvc pipe that we painted brown. We used a 6 foot folding table. The CUTE blue polka dot party ware was a great deal I got at Dollar Tree.

Again, I didn't get a picture, but we served fun pasta (I mixed two different types of shell pasta as well as another kind I can't remember the name of but it was curly and looked kind of like sea weed) with alfredo or spaghetti sauce. We cut cheese using cookie cutters into starfish and clam shapes and make cheese octopi using mozzarella cheese. The "lobster" is a red pepper with olive eyes in a ranch dip with blue food coloring.

A closer-up view of the cheese tray:

These squid were so cute that we served them on individual plates. We used frozen croissant rolls, olives for eyes, hot dogs for tentacles and cut tomatoes.

For dessert, my son is not big into cake, so instead we served icecream in cups with candy/cookie turtles on top.

We also served jello cups with blue and orange jello and sweedish fish candies inside.

Kid table was decorated with a plastic tablecloth, orange chair sashes in the middle and paper fish.

I ended up with a ton of the animal beach balls in the back of this picture, so one of the games we played was kids in the shallow end and adults in the deep end with an imaginary line in the middle. We played Finding Nemo music and while the music played, each team tried to get all of the balls out of their area. When the music stopped, the team with the most balls in their section lost.

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