Tuesday, July 23, 2013

King by RJ Larson

I am a book reviewer for Bethany House and receive books free in exchange for reviewing them. This review is for the book King by RJ Larson.

I read the first two books in this series and really enjoyed them but I was a little nervous about reading this one because the preview chapter sounded like this third book might end up being a love triangle and I thoroughly dislike love triangles. Thankfully it is not.

I think the thing that struck me most about this whole series is the complete trust and devotion the characters have to God. Ela follows God and speaks for Him no matter what. She stands firm regardless of the horrors she sees coming in her visions and puts God's will ahead of her own desires and her love for her family. I really liked that the author allowed Ela to have some of her dreams as well as following God's will. I also really enjoyed the strong friendship between Kien and Akabe and the way that Akabe immediately backs down from his pursuit of Ela when he hears that Kien is the one Ela cares for. Akabe then makes an impulsive decision that seems the right thing to do, but he doesn't make sure that is the Infinite's plan and he has to deal with the consequences of his choices. I noticed that some reviewers expressed dislike for Caitria, Akabe's queen, but I rather liked her. She struggles with the difference between her abusive family (and their Atean worship)and her new feelings for Akabe, a man with beliefs her family despises. She doesn't always make the best choices, but I think that's an accurate portrayal of real life. I was happy with the way the book ended and thought it was a very nice conclusion to the series.