Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our Preschool Curriculum

I will be working with my 4 year old preschooler one on one two days a week while my older son is at his 2 day school and then I will be giving my preschooler worksheets, lapbooks and other activities to do while my oldest does his school. These are the curriculum/books that I will be using with my preschooler. You can find more detailed reviews about most of my curriculum choices on my "Curriculum I love" post.


Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

He will also begin learning Phonograms along with his brother from the Spell to Write and Read book using games and flashcards.

Answers for Preschoolers--Good combination of Bible, numbers, colors, shapes, letters and crafts.

Financial Peace Jr. - we will be using concepts, chore chart and the envelope system from this program and every Tuesday the children will be receiving their compensation for their chores the previous week as well as divvying up their money into the correct give, save, spend envelopes. My preschooler won't benefit from it as much as my 2nd grader, but it is for ages 3-12, so he can definitely start understanding the concepts and earning money for chores.

Draw Write Now: On the Farm-This is a fun introductory into art series. Each picture also has some copy work, but my son won't be ready for that yet. I will have him start writing the first letter of each animal to get some practice. Today he drew a sheep and practiced writing s.

Our Home School Curriculum & Schedule

I always like knowing what others are doing for homeschool as it helps give me ideas. Our homeschool is a little different from some because my son is in a program where he actually goes to the school with other homeschooled kids for 2 days per week, so we homeschool the other 3 days. I also have a 4 year old son that I will be doing preschool activities with while my 2nd grader is doing school. This is what we are doing:

9:00 am (we dislike early mornings!) WORSHIP
1) Songs--we sing 2-3 songs and each of us chooses one
2) Memory verse memorization (several of our curriculum have verse suggestions and we are using some of these verses as well as verses from the prayer cards (#3)
3) Prayer using JOY Prayer Cards. There are 28 of these cards for $3.99 and I really like them because there each has a scripture verse to thank Jesus, a suggestion of others to pray for and a scripture verse to pray for yourself.

9:15 am GRAMMAR
1) Easy Grammar: Daily Guided Teaching & Review for Grade 2 Student Workbook (he can do these himself and it is a good time to get my preschooler started on his activities for the day)
2) First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind Level 1 (includes Grade 1 & Grade 2)

Both of these might be overkill (especially when including the spelling below!), but grammar and language is very important to me and all of these are short. We did First Language Lessons all year last year for Grade 1 and it worked well for us. The lessons are really short (like 5 minutes) and I like the Daily Grams this year to give my son extra practice. They are also short and re-affirm capitalization, punctuation, combining sentences, etc.

Spell to Write and Read I LOVE this reading/writing/spelling program. You can use this one program for grades K-12 and never have to buy another reading program, so it's extremely economical. It teaches to read using the 70 Phonograms (combinations of letters to make different sounds) in the English language. It also teaches 99% of the rules in the English language which is way more than most reading programs teach. There were several rules that I never learned. I also like that many of the activities (like learning the Phonograms) can be turned into games. My 2nd grader is reading at about a 5th grade level because of this program! Again, it is relatively short and we only spend about 20 minutes a day on it.

9:50 BREAK

10:00 am SCIENCE
Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy I am super excited to try this curriculum this year. I love that it is a science program from a Creationist perspective and includes Bible Verse copy work. It is also a journaling program, so includes a lot of writing and fun hands-on activities.

10:45 am HISTORY
1) Ancient Civilizations and the Bible This program is probably too advanced for my son, but I LOVE how it looks. I'm hoping to be able to tone it down a bit to his level and will be able to use the Elementary workbook with it. He actually covered this time frame last year with K12 history, but we are going to re-do it since this program is from Creation to AD 29 and includes more Biblical history as well as what was happening in the world at the time. This is also a journaling program.

2) Draw and Write through History Creation through Jonah This is a little advanced for my 2nd grader, but he is managing. He likes the drawing, but he is not writing in cursive yet and he gets a lot of writing in from other sources, so I usually just choose a sentence or two from the copy work for him to print. It is nice to add some art into our homeschool.

11:30 am MATH
Math U See Beta Math U See works really well for us as my son can watch the dvd and then do the workbook pages on his own.

Noon-2:30 pm Lunch & Break

TUESDAYS: Money Management--Financial Peace Jr. - we will be using concepts, chore chart and the envelope system from this program and every Tuesday the children will be receiving their compensation for their chores the previous week as well as divvying up their money into the correct give, save, spend envelopes.

THURSDAYS: Piano practice

FRIDAYS: Typing practice