Sunday, September 8, 2013

Creation Copy Work

For history this year, we are using the curriculum Ancient Civilizations and the Bible.I love this curriculum, but it is for 5th grade and up, so parts of it are a little above my 2nd grader. It comes with an elementary activity book that works well for him. We have started reading through the Bible, adding bits and pieces from the older student text and using the elementary book. I wanted add a few more worksheets to go with the program, so I am making some myself. I will be posting free printable worksheets as I go. This one is copy work from some key memory verses along with a space for a drawing.

You can download this free printable here.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Answers Magazine 50% off!

Answers magazine by Answers in Genesis is currently 50% off. It is regularly $24 for a year's subscription, so it's $12 right now.

We really love the Answers magazine (It's a very creation-based magazine with a heavy emphasis in scientific research that supports creation instead of evolution). This is the first time I've ever seen it on sale. We decided to buy a year's subscription for all of our family. It's a quarterly magazine, so there are 4 editions each year. Each is chalk full of interesting, scientific articles and each has a fold-out children's pamphlet also. The magazines we've gotten so far have been on topics like dinosaurs, the ice age, and worldwide flood. They are always super interesting.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Favorite Character Building Books, Part 1: Bibles

As a Christian homeschooling mom who loves books, I'm always looking for great character-building books. During this series I will share my favorite children's Bibles, devotionals, character building books, biographies and holiday books. My oldest son is 6 and in first grade, so these books are appropriate for preschoolers through elementary ages. This post is about my favorite Bibles. It is tough to find a good children's Bible! I must have bought 20+ Bibles before finally finding ones I like!

This was my favorite Bible for the BABY THROUGH TODDLER stage:
Child's First Bible by Kenneth N. Taylor
I liked the pictures in this Bible, the way the stories are written and the number of stories it contains. There is also a simple question to ask the child at the end of each story, which I really liked because I think questions enhance comprehension. The actual stories are VERY short, so if your child has a short attention span, this is a great Bible. If your child has a normal to longer attention span, I'd recommend the next Bible.

For the TODDLER THROUGH PRESCHOOL stage, I liked the next Bible up by the same author as the Bible above:
Family Time Bible by Kenneth N. Taylor
My oldest son really liked this Bible and used it through Kindergarten. I really like the pictures and the length of the stories was perfect for his attention span. It seemed like this Bible covered most of the stories and covered several stories that I don't remember reading in other children's Bibles. There are also questions at the end of each story.

For the ELEMENTARY stage, we are really liking:
Children's Illustrated Bible by Selma Hastings
The stories are a good length and are well written with quite a bit of detail. My son really likes the pictures (Although as a warning, some reviewers found the pictures too detail oriented. At times there is blood and bones shown in the pictures). What we really like about this Bible is all of the extra details. For each story, there are little pictures, photographs and blurbs about things discussed in the story such as photos and info about a fruit mentioned or a current picture of the Jordan River, etc.

To transition to a regular Bible, we really like:
Seek and Find Bible (English Standard Version)
This is a regular Bible but it has paraphrased Bible stories throughout the Bible that highlight the major stories found in children's Bibles. It is great because you can read the paraphrased pages for younger children or the actual Bible for older children. Each paraphrased story has a nice full page picture, a "SEEK and FIND" section after it with where to find the story in the Bible, a key Bible verse to memorize, questions to ask children about the section and additional "related Bible readings" verses. Throughout the regular Bible sections, there are highlighted verses that are suggested as memory verses for children to learn, pictures with Character Profiles for individual people in the Bible, and additional pages with pictures and detailed information such as the various temples (Solomon's Temple, Herod's Temple, Golgotha and the Temple Mount, etc).

These aren't books, but I'm going to put them in this post anyway because these DVD's are WONDERFUL! Here is a link to a previous post about this series.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Finding Nemo Under the Sea Swim Party

We recently moved into a house with a large pool in the backyard and not much other outdoor space. This changes the way I do parties as all future parties will need to be pool parties! This Finding Nemo Under the Sea Birthday Party was for my 4 year old.

To start, the kids entered the side gate through a "water" arch. I used a standard garden arch and added differently colored blue streamers on one side and knotted blue chair sashes I had from a different party to the other side. I also added some hanging paper fish. I used blue sheer curtains from Ikea on the top of the arch along with some white tulle.

I didn't get a good picture, but the food was displayed on a "Tiki Hut" Table. We made the tiki hut using pvc pipe that we painted brown. We used a 6 foot folding table. The CUTE blue polka dot party ware was a great deal I got at Dollar Tree.

Again, I didn't get a picture, but we served fun pasta (I mixed two different types of shell pasta as well as another kind I can't remember the name of but it was curly and looked kind of like sea weed) with alfredo or spaghetti sauce. We cut cheese using cookie cutters into starfish and clam shapes and make cheese octopi using mozzarella cheese. The "lobster" is a red pepper with olive eyes in a ranch dip with blue food coloring.

A closer-up view of the cheese tray:

These squid were so cute that we served them on individual plates. We used frozen croissant rolls, olives for eyes, hot dogs for tentacles and cut tomatoes.

For dessert, my son is not big into cake, so instead we served icecream in cups with candy/cookie turtles on top.

We also served jello cups with blue and orange jello and sweedish fish candies inside.

Kid table was decorated with a plastic tablecloth, orange chair sashes in the middle and paper fish.

I ended up with a ton of the animal beach balls in the back of this picture, so one of the games we played was kids in the shallow end and adults in the deep end with an imaginary line in the middle. We played Finding Nemo music and while the music played, each team tried to get all of the balls out of their area. When the music stopped, the team with the most balls in their section lost.

Creation Crafts Day 1 & 2

We are starting our history program this year with creation. Going along with that, we are doing some fun crafts for each of the days of creation.

This will be a booklet. The front cover is the planet earth with the handprint. Written on it is "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1

DAY 1: Ripped construction paper for day and night
DAY 2: Atmosphere--I got the idea and template from Kidz Fun Online. The waves are construction paper and the clouds are cotton balls.

Scanner/Printer/Copier GREAT DEAL!!

If you need a printer, scanner or copier, Walmart is having a great deal! This one is only $29 and comes as a bundle with free paper or usb drive.