Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Match Made In Texas novellas--A Review

I am a reviewer for Bethany House and receive free books to read in exchange for posting a review on my blog and Amazon. Here is a review for "A Match Made in Texas."

Generally I prefer full-length books, but I enjoyed these short novellas.

In Cowboy Unmatched, I was happy to see the Archer family again (From Shortstraw Bride). The youngest brother, Neil, has grown into a man who is out to prove himself and works to earn money to start a ranch with his best friend. He receives an anonymous note and money to repair the roof of widowed Clara, who is quite pregnant. As he repairs the home (starting with all the other safety issues before beginning the roof), he finds himself admiring Clara's courage and spunk. When she finds herself in a situation where she needs help, he will do anything to protect her. I loved the story and couldn't wait to start the second novella!

Unforeseen Match was equally enjoyable and begins with Grace, a previous school teacher who is losing her eyesight. The town has purchased Clara's homestead for Grace and "someone" has hired Clayton to continue to repair the place. Clayton has a difficult time trusting people because of his background, but he feels more comfortable with Grace because he thinks she can't see the scar on his face. Though he seems uncaring at times, Grace begins to be able to take care of herself more with his help than with the hovering care of the towns people. As the homestead nears final repairs, the two find they have feelings for each other, but their backgrounds and histories interfere. I really enjoyed the story!

In No Match for Love, we find Lucy trying to avoid a persistent, undesirable suitor by accepting a position a ways away on a ranch as a companion, where she meets her companion's nephew, Andrew. I would have liked to see a little more development in the relationship between Lucy and Andrew. Their relationship seemed a little too fast and I felt like I missed something.

Meeting Her Match brought an emotional roller-coaster with Hannah, oldest sibling to several young children. We see her teaching school, taking care of siblings, and showing an interest in super shy bachelor, Marcus. Hannah's father's treatment of her seemed overly harsh and Marcus being too shy to even offer her a kind word when he knew how difficult things were for Hannah seemed a little cowardly to me even though we knew he was really shy. I also considered Marcus's mother's and the towns women's actions to "assist" the couple to be unethical and unsuitable for people who consider themselves Christians. Other than these things, I enjoyed the story, though and enjoyed getting to know Hannah and Marcus.

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