Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sassafras Novel Science Program

I haven't actually tried this curriculum, but it looks great! This Sassafras Science Adventures is in a novel format and the first chapter is about two 12 year olds who have to spend the summer with their uncle learning science instead of at summer camp because they failed science in school. There is a magical element--their uncle found a way to make a zipline that goes to different parts of the world and the kids have to send back research about what they are learning. The first book is about zoology, so they are learning about animals. The program also includes journaling and simple science experiments that go along with the novels. It is for grades K-5, so I'll be excited to try it out with my Kindergartener and 3rd grader next Fall! I was looking for a simple science program that would be fun. My oldest son loves stories, so I think this will work well for him!

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