Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Undetected by Dee Henderson

I am a reviewer for Bethany House, so I occasionally receive free books to read and review. This review is for Undetected by Dee Henderson.

I have most of Dee Henderson's books and loved her O'Malley series. I was excited to read this book, but was disappointed that I had a hard time getting into it and staying engaged.

You don't read many books based around submarines, so that aspect of this book was interesting. It was clear that Dee Henderson did her research, but I sometimes felt bogged down by the details. There were so many details about the operation of the submarines that several times I skimmed ahead to get back to the actual story. I kept waiting for some action in the story, but there never really was any.

I really dislike love triangles, so I wasn't fond of the way Gina had two great men interested in her and had to choose between them. I liked that the two men were portrayed as honorable, but I thought it was a little unrealistic that they were both okay with Gina dating them both to figure out which man she wanted. They each stepped back and told her to spend time with the other... I don't think that's something a man in love would actually do. I did like that the men were able to remain companionable and okay with Gina's choice.

I liked the way that Mark kept trying to help Gina understand and be okay with herself. He saw her for who she really was and wanted above all to help her grow and develop.

Overall, it was an enjoyable read, but definitely not a page-turner. I didn't have a problem putting it down.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for reviewing it. The content of the review is my own.

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