Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fun Daily Grammar Curriculum My Child Loves

I am a big fan of children learning grammar and writing early so that as they get older it is easier to focus on specific writing tasks. Last year I used "Daily Grams" and "First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind" with my 2nd grader. I really liked both curriculum, but my son hated the Daily Grammar and he was less than thrilled about the First Language Lessons. I decided to look for something that might be more appealing to him this year. When I stumbled upon "Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree," I decided to try it and my son LOVES it!

"The Nose Tree" story is broken down into 1 sentence per day, 4 days per week. There is always a vocabulary word in the sentence that is bolded. The first thing the child does is look the vocabulary word up in the dictionary, determine the correct meaning based on the context and write the word and meaning down. Then the child finds different parts of speech and grammar in the sentence and labels them. This is pretty painless since there are grammar cards that come with the curriculum that I hand him to use. He goes through the grammar cards and labels each in the sentence. The program starts very simple and the first week you discuss nouns with the child and he/she looks for nouns and puts a n. above the nouns. The second week adds articles. The third week adds pronouns, etc. Also introduced are paragraph symbols, homophones (their, there, they're), punctuation, quotations, etc. Finally the child copies a final draft of the sentence on an on-going sheet of paper. By the time the program is done, he/she will have hand-written the whole story.

My son loves the story. He enjoys that each day builds the story and he likes to see what is going to happen next.

I love that he is learning parts of speech IN CONTEXT. I think he will retain the information better. I love that he is learning grammar and editing in a very painless way. It's also great copy work. My son writes a lot neater for this than he does for anything else.

It is a fabulous curriculum!

There are other books in the Fix It! Grammar series that we will be getting after this one. This one is for grades 3-5 and it is recommended that children start with this one and do the others sequentially as the concepts build on each other.

Another thing of note, I bought both the teacher book and the student book. However, all you need is the teacher book and a printer since you can print off the student pages.

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