Patchwork Promises

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Book Description:

Willow O'Hanlon learned early in life to be fiercely independent, in control, and not risk emotional attachments. She finds fulfillment in her quilt store and devotes herself to helping teens in trouble with the law. She never lets anyone too close...until she makes a promise that changes everything and names her the guardian of her two young nieces. When a custody battle arises, she is determined to do anything to keep them and makes a desperate plea to the one man she thought she never wanted to see again. Elijah Stone has never quite been able to forget about Willow. When she proposes a marriage in name only, he accepts despite his misgivings about marrying a non-Christian. As they work to patch their lives together, Willow finds herself questioning her beliefs and her view of God as she observes Eli interacting with the girls and the teens they are both trying to help. When the teens bring trouble to their doorstep and Willow is caught in the middle, will it draw them together or push them apart for good? With so much at stake, will they both lose everything they care about, including a second chance at love?

What readers are saying:

"I picked up this book one evening and couldn't put it down. I finished it within 24 hours. It has all the elements of a great story. I love all the information about helping teens. It is a true reflection of the wonderful character of the author. A kind and caring person. You won't regret reading this book. " -Sara

"The storyline is excellent, the humor in amongst the turmoil of their lives was delightful, and you put into words how having Christ in your life brings about huge changes for the better in your actions, your behavior towards others, your thoughts, and your ability to be selfless. The parts where Willow was helping troubled teens were fascinating. It made the teens seem so human and in need of love and support, while still holding them accountable for their actions." -Shellie

"Just finished reading this - it kept my interest and I was done before I realized it! The spiritual insights brought tears to my eyes & the great interplay between all of the characters was very entertaining. I also liked the thought provoking questions at the end & the information about how to help troubled teens." -Barbara

"This was a fantastic read. I don't usually have time for reading, but I made time for this book as I just couldn't put it down. I quickly fell in love with the main characters and enjoyed the interwoven theme of working with troubled teens. The twists and turns keep you eager to learn what will happen next." -M.E.T.

"I just finished reading this book and am planning to read it again. I enjoyed the twists and turns in the lives of the various characters and LOVED the heart warming ending. In a world where so many things are negative and sad it is nice to read about people overcoming personal obstacles and finding love and happiness. You should read this book!" -Melissa

"This was a great story. The characters were fun. This book held my attention and was hard to put down until I finished it. I appreciate the content of helping teens, as well as the information contained in the back of the book on ways to make a difference with teens in our own communities. I look forward to more books by this author." -Glenna

"Just finished reading your book and really enjoyed it. Thanks for writing it! One part that was meaningful to me was where Eli has the conversation with God to decide if he should get married. It meant a lot to me because when questioning God I have had answers like that from Him....promises, those very same promises as a response." -Celina

"Just thought I'd write a quick warning to anyone getting ready to read Tiffany's book.......Don't start it at bedtime 'cuz you won't wanna stop and put it down. Written by a sleep deprived fan. " -Louise

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